Database Links

Databases hold aggregated resources and are a gateway to published documents, journal articles, newspapers, and more.  Availability to a database may free, through open access (OA), or require a subscription.

The content held within a database may be broad or it may be more specialized.  It is important to understand the scope of each database to make your search effective.

Return to the D126 Resources page for  subscription databases or explore some of the Open Access ones below:

Multidisciplinary Academic Databases (Open Access)

Discipline Specific Databases (Open Access)

Controlled Vocabulary

Controlled vocabulary (CV) helps to ensure you are retrieving relevant and viable information using the authorized terminology for your search.  Other terms used for indexing besides controlled vocabulary are taxonomy, ontology, and thesauri.  While somewhat interchangeable, they each have specific characteristics which are explained here.  

The Library of Congress is considered an authority for controlled vocabulary and is the best place to start.  Other resources have aggregated information on a wide variety of topics that are useful in academic research.  Any of the following will get you started in the right direction:


Some subject domains need further clarification as the content is more technical.  These resources offer controlled vocabulary, taxonomy, ontology, or thesauri for different disciplines: