Additional Information for Educators:

Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines

As educators, we want to be sure we are modeling responsible use of copyrighted material (print and digital) at all times to our students.  Not only does this underscore the importance of the practice, it also protects our school district from potential fines and legal recourse from a copyright holder.  If your scenario is not covered in any of the resources below, please ask for clarification.  

"The law is what applies only when nothing else does."

"Licenses and permissions trump the law."

Tobin, Thomas. Copyright Made Simple for Digital Educators. 6 Feb. 2018,       webinars/copyright-made-simple-for-digital-educators/. Quotes taken from transcript of webinar.

Copyright Act of 1976

     U.S Copyright Office - Appendix A


     Copyright Clearance Center's Guide to the TEACH Act


Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

      U.S Copyright Office - Appendix B

Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines for Educators (chart)

        Reference chart provided by


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Library Guide:
Copyright on Campus

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