Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines

When discussing the importance to cite sources in your work, you avoid plagiarism by claiming someone else's work as your own.

With copyright, we explore if the creator has given permission for their work to be used.  Fair Use covers the exceptions in which it is permitted to use copyrighted material.


  • Is the work part of the public domain?

          - It has been at least 70 years after the creator's death and there has

            been no copyright renewal.

          - The creator has chosen to give up the rights.

          - The work was created by the federal government


  • Has the creator provided ways to use the copyrighted content?

          - Permission to use the work with proper attribution (credit) to the


          - The work has been registered using a Creative Commons copyright.

          - Licenses have been made available.

  • Can you argue Fair Use of the content?

          ​- Purpose

          - Amount

          - Nature of Work

          - Economic Impact

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