Database Navigation Tips

How do I get started with Gale In Context: High School?

The Gale in Context: High School database is a cross-curricular resource and an excellent start to your research process.
This brief video gives you a glimpse into performing a keyword search and the overall tools provided within the database.


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When You Need a Research Topic 

Narrowing Your Research Topic 

Does the database fit

my research needs?

The content held within a database may be broad or it may be more specialized.  It is important to understand the scope of each database to make your search effective.
Databases are typically either centralized around a specific discipline or can be multi-disciplinary.  Some links can be found here.

How do I know I am using the best search keywords?

Controlled vocabulary (CV) helps to ensure you are retrieving relevant and viable information using the authorized terminology for your search.
Check authority sources according to your research discipline here.